Our Story

In 2015 Harem London was founded in London, by Duygu D. Ozturk and after her sister got on board Begum N. Ozturk, now the company is run by sisterhood.

Their vision involves combining the ancient tradition of the Turkish bath with modern artisan designs, taking inspiration from the past and embellishing it to capture a new generation.

In the times of the Ottoman Empire, the Harem was the Sultans private quarters, where his family resided. The Hammam was a vital part of the Harem quarters, regarded as a sacred place. This is where the beauty secrets were kept; leisure and privacy were its championing privileges.  Cleansing was essential; taking a bath in a Turkish Hammam was not only a necessity of hygiene but also a ritual for the soul.

The Hammam is a symbol of those times and its practises still hold strong. The Sultan’s choice is a thin hammam towel, called a pestamal (pesh-te-mal), with its practicality and abilities of water absorption, a textile innovation even in modern times.

In this translation of Turkish heritage, quality of product is paramount. Harem London sources the best quality of cotton from a specialist family run business in the mountains of Turkey.

Harem London, not only celebrates its roots but also offers a modern twist with unique designs by its Conceptual Visual Director, Duygu D Ozturk, mixing in a dandy flair inspired by the Ottoman gentleman.  The versatility of the pestamal is staggering, it can be used after a shower, in the gym, on vacation, at a Spa, and its compact size is ideal for travelling.

Now in 2018, the winter collection will bring a new vibe to Harem London with its modern design with traditional Turkish weaving!