New Collection SS22 - Harem London

New Collection SS22

Coming from a very authentic multi-cultural background, a Turkish heritage that is full of diverse communities and tales of hundreds of years, we are Harem London.

We love exploring different sides of our own history and bringing it back to life with our contemporary vision and interpretation. Spending our lives between two legendary cities; Istanbul and London, we formed our sustainable contemporary fashion house with our diverse vision.

The Levantine collection we prepared for summer 2022 was inspired by the stories of the land where East met West centuries ago. The true meaning of cross culture was formed in these lands centuries ago... Thanks to the European merchants, these lands became a rich cultural crossroads formed of Western Asia, Eastern Mediterranean and Northern Africa, Hence the collection is called “The merchant of Levant” as a tribute.

The term “Levant” is mainly referring to the European residents of the region who were merchants discovering local produce, materials, fabric, tools, techniques and started the trading and information flow to the West that increased the cultural exchange, like we do nowadays. We were inspired by the cultural exchange between the East and the West, the discovery of the new materials and the artisan fabrics discovered by the West. We wanted to create our own way to deliver what we have discovered from our Eastern heritage to our contemporary life now in the West.

In the Collection campaign video, we wanted to emphasise the exchange of food, materials, fabric, local produce, music, and culture between foreigners. In our opinion the world needs to appreciate exploring ad respecting different cultures and traditions.

At Harem London, we love the mixture of artisan crafted fabrics with softest organic cottons and jerseys. We also love to explore and use traditional patterns an create sculptural forms using the modern making techniques of contemporary fashion. We love to explore the nature of the fabric and create a second skin that our clients can feel comfortable in as well as to create a natural charm when wearing Harem London.

This season Harem London brings Levantine details to the collection where we explore the true meaning of cultural exchange and aesthetics.


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