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Best Bath Towels in London


Harem London challenges the idea of everyday towels with 100% Organic Cotton Turkish towels, which are fully water-absorbent and light as a scarf! Compared to the ordinary towels, Harem London’s luxurious bath towels, which are traditionally known as “pestemals” or “hammam towelsdry easily and very quickly which makes them suitable for travel and summer when you hit the beach. It is also really easy to store and travel with, for those who love to use their own towels on vacations.

Traditionally, Turkish hammam towels are designed to be used in Turkish Hammams, which are steam rooms with natural spring water where women or men took long bath, spa treatments. However, due to its functional benefits, people use hammam towels after shower, at spa, gym, saunas, also very popularly at the beach and poolside, and even in picnics, in everyday life.


Turkish bath towel

Turkish Traditional Hammam 

What makes Harem London’s luxury bath towels special is their unique designs, texture and weaving! We only use the best quality %100 organic cotton in our products, which is made in the grounds of Turkey and that is the reason why Harem London hammam towels last longer than usual towels.


We bring your homes the most ancient Ottoman tradition by blending it with modern designs and colours using an artisan twist! This ancient Turkish bath ritual will meet your daily shower and will change your bath experience

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